Indonesia open

Ivan Ivanisevic sole leader of Indonesia Open

Ivan Ivanisevic on the top board against Avetik Grigoryan

Ivan Ivanisevic on the top board against Avetik Grigoryan

After four rounds of play, the Indonesian Open Chess Championship (IOCC) 2013 finally has a sole leader. He is GM Ivan Ivanisevic, who proved to be too strong for the popular GM Avetik Grigoryan.

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Ivanisevic leads with 4/4 and sharing second to fourth places half a point behind him on 3.5/4 are GMs Aleksey Dreev, Surya Shekhar Ganguly and Hoang Thanh Trang, they were the only winners from a large pool of 2.5 pointers. Dreev outplayed local hope GM Susanto Megaranto in the endgame after achieving a better pawn structure while Ganguly was simply too strong for GM John Paul Gomez. But the main attention was on the Hoang encounter with GM Oliver Barbosa, where the Filipino sacrificed his Queen for a number of active minor pieces and a dangerous looking attack along open files against an exposed King. Hoang, however, played with great accuracy, combining attack and defense with her Queen and brought home the point.

In significant GM encounters, top seeded Alexander Moiseeko managed to win the exchange, but Sandro Marco generated resources to draw, while the former student Eshan Ghaem Maghami held the draw against his old teacher Nigel Short. Vaibhav Suri was happy to use the white pieces to also draw the higher rated Eduardo Iturrizaga, while it was the same result in the match-ups between Igarza Renier Vazquez and Gundavaa Bayarsaikhan, and Jan Ehvest and Antoeneta Stefanova.

Vadmim Malakhattko came close to winning against Abhijeet Gupta, but the Indian GM was able to liquidate into a drawn Rook ending.

With Megaranto losing, the best Indonesian player is again Anjas Novitas who recovered from his first loss against a GM in the third round to beat WGM Elisabeth Paehtz.

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