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FM Pitra Andika – I will always be in chess

Indonesian FM Pitra Andika (2340) was responsible for the first big upset of IOCC 2012 when in the second round played on Friday 12 October, he defeated English GM Stephen Gordon.

The 27-year old chessplayer was very modest about the result and did not wish to get carried away – this is very much in keeping with the character of the 2010 Indonesian Blitz Champion who is a native of Medan.

Q: How was the victory to you?

A: I played as usual as this is a very strong tournament and I have to be realistic. I was happy to try and get a draw with my opponent but he made a mistake and I was able to try for more and in the end I won.

Pitra Andika

Pitra Andika

Q: You have one IM norm. Are you targeting a second at IOCC 2012?

A: I got my first norm at Universiade 2010. Yes, I would like to get a second norm at IOCC but I also know that this tournament will be difficult as the level is high.

Q: What will you have to do to get a second norm?

A: I have to meet opponents from four countries and score between 4.5 to 5 points from the 9 rounds in the tournament.

Q: You are not 100 percent focused on chess. Why? And how do you then prepare?

A: I learnt chess when I was between 13-14 years of age. Now I am 27 years old. I studied chess on my own and through books, firstly from the Djamil Djamal book on tactics. From that start I went on to read many more chess books. I have yet to have a trainer but intend to be more focused in the future when studying chess.

Q: What caused you to lose focus on chess?

A: I have been unable to dedicate myself to chess simply because I have other obligations. One responsibility is to help manage the family business in Medan.

Q: Does your family object?

A: Actually chess is my priority and the point of deciding has not yet been reached so I am not as focused as I should. My family objects but at the same time lets me decide.

Q: Why do you like chess?

A: Because chess is a high art. I never get bored. Once I understood what chess is about I really love it.

Q: You were National Junior Champion 2000, then National Blitz Champion 2010 and then National University Champion 2011, and now you have beaten a GM in IOCC 2012. Can you be called a rising star?

A: I cannot be considered to be a rising star because I have not earned in as many of my friends have made faster progress and they are also better.

Q: What are your aspirations in a chess career?

A: To become better and better and hope to be able one day to be part of the Indonesian National Team.

Q: What have you learnt from chess?

A: I have learnt patience.

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