Indonesia open

Alexander Moiseenko: I only want to play well

GM Alexander Moiseenko (2703) is the highest rated participant at the Indonesia Open Chess Championship (IOCC) 2013. So this chessplayer who comes from Ukraine is automatically the tournament’s top seed.

Furthermore his standing as the European Champion 2013 not only makes him one of the favourites but a much watched player. So far everything has gone well and his form has been good. Nonetheless the 33 year old Moiseenko is refusing to get ahead of himself at IOCC as the journey has just started…

Chessdom: How do you find IOCC?

Moiseenko: This my first IOCC. This tournament has many GM participants and also local chessplayers who are strong. So this is a new experience for me.

Alexander Moiseenko

Alexander Moiseenko

Chessdom: So this is your first time to Indonesia?

Moiseenko: Yes, people here are very kind and the weather is very different from my country. In Ukraine it is now around 5 degrees Celsius, while in Indonesia it is around 30 degrees Celsius.

Chessdom: You are the highest rated player in IOCC 2013 and one of the tournament favourites. What do you think of your chances of winning?

Moiseenko: I only hope to be able to show my best side in my games, In IOCC there are many very strong players. For example GM Nigel Short who was even an opponent before of GM Gary Kasparov. With so many capable of winning, lets see how the results are at the end of the tournament.

Chessdom: What do you think about the third and fourth rounds which will be played in one day?

Moiseenko: The third and fourth rounds will be played in one day. For days with double rounds it will of course be a tough day for all.

Alexander Moiseenko

Chessdom: After becoming 2013 European champion, what then are your expectations?

Moiseenko: I became champion of Europe in 2013. Over 150 GMs played in the European championship and I started the competition well an in the end emerged as the champion. I am of course very happy with that achievement. Now I am looking to further raise my level of play, increase my rating. I have had a higher rating before, 2726 in 2011. I also would like to qualify for the World Cup.

Chessdom: Will you be in the Ukraine team for next year’s World Chess Olympiad?

Moiseenko: Of course I hope to be selected but I don’t know as Ukraine has many great players.

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