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Round 8 IOCC Report (Photos)

round4Today’s eight round at the Indonesian Open 2013 saw first placed GM Alexey Dreev (6/7) play second placed GM Sandro Mareco (5.5/7). A hard fought game ended in a draw, a result that ensured Dreev kept the sole lead, now on 6.5/8.

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Then came the chasing pack, all on 5/7 with match ups of favorites against some perhaps less familiar faces on the top tables, with GM Ehsan Ghaem Maghami not quite up to playing GM Alexander Moiseenko as his passive approach allowed an equal position to rapidly deteriorate, IM Nguyen Duc Hoa up against GM Nigel Short might even feel he might have gotten more than a draw, while WGM Elisabeth Paehtz paired with GM Ivan Ivanisevic also comfortably achieved the same result.

In other major results, GM Eduardo Iturrizaga completely messed up the opening with a careless move to lose quickly against GM Surya Sekhar Ganguly while GM Dao Tien Hai punished a very poor opening by GM Ivan Sokolov with a direct attack against an exposed King.

GM Gundavaa Bayarsaikhan was outplayed by GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son in the endgame while GM Renier Vazquez Igarza took full advantage of IM Djurabek Khamrakulov’s speculative approach to his game.

So the standings are 1. Dreev 6.5/8, 2-3. Mosieenko and Mareco 6/8, 4-11 Short, Ivaninevic, Ganguly, Nguyen Ngoc Trong Son, Vazquez Igarza, Dao, Nguyen Duc Hoa, and Paehtz 5.5/8.

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