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WGM Gulishkan Nakhbayeva: IOCC 2013 is one of my preparations for next year

20131011_Round2_04WGM Gulishkan Nakhbayeva is the third Kazakhstan woman chessplayer to have become a woman grandmaster.

The humble and personable 22 year old is considered to be her country’s brightest prospect and since making a sensational debut at the World Chess Olympiad 2012 in Istanbul, she has been given significant opportunities to broaden her experience in top level tournaments and has generally not disappointed.

Chessdom: You got the WGM title last year?

Nakhbayeva: Yes, last year a represented Kazakhstan playing on top board at the World Chess Olympiad held in Turkey and completed the title requirements there. Chess was the choice of my mother for me when I was still very young. She wanted to also be a chessplayer too but did not properly develop her talent as she did not have a trainer. I have a constant support and encouragement from her and in fact she is also here with me at IOCC.

Chessdom: After becoming a WGM what then changed, what do you hope for?

Nakhbayeva: Not so many women have gotten this title in Kazakhstan so it was a great success for both me personally and my country. I hope that my results can contribute to increase development and promotion of chess in Kazakhstan and that more and more will take up chess.

Chessdom: So, is chess getting more popular in Kazakhstan?

Nakhbayeva: Chess is getting more popular and new talents are emerging so more and more are playing chess. Parents are starting to bring their children to chess lessons.

Chessdom: Are there many girls too playing chess?

Nakhbayeva: Yes, there are!

Chessdom: Do you have important tournaments coming up next year?

Nakhbayeva: I managed to qualify with 8.5/9 from the Zonal championships and so will have the chance to play in the World Cup next year. There I hope to increase my rating and hope of course to get a good pairing. I will be giving this event my utmost attention as this is first time I have qualified and will play in such an event. Participating in this tournament is a big step forward for me as the best players in the world will all be there.

Chessdom: How then are your preparations coming along?

Nakhbayeva: Of course in my preparations I am personally training hard and participating in strong tournaments and getting help from good trainers. One of the strong tournaments I am using is of course IOCC 2013!

Chessdom: How do you try and optimise your performance in a tournament, for example in IOCC?

Nakhbayeva: In IOCC there are many participants and naturally a higher noise level. But I always try to maintain my concentration and keep a positive focus so as to play the best I can. I cannot afford to lose my concentration for even a move and so I strive hard to keep my motivation.

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