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WGM Tuvshinugs Batchimeg: It is nice to be a woman chessplayer

indonesia openMongolia is also present and well represented at the Indonesia Open Chess Championship (I0CC) 2013. One of their best woman players is WGM Tuvshintugs Batchimeg 2376 and she is also here in Jakarta.

Batchimeg, who played in the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix 2012-2014 has started IOCC with a win in the first round.

While it is likely that IOCC 2013 will be her last tournament this year, the young lady who also loves dance has a long term plan to fully realise her potential and shared her aspirations with us.

Chessdom: When did you first become acquainted with chess?

Batchimeg: I was taught to play chess by my father when I was 6 years old. My family has a unique engagement with the game as we have always been close to it! Everyone in my family plays chess. My father who is also my mentor and inspiration is an International Master and so we study chess and then follow tournaments together. Chess is like the history of our family! Also in Mongolia many people play chess, starting in the 70′s and 80′s when it became widely popular.

Chessdom: So how is chess now in your country?

Batchimeg: From young age children are taught chess in my country. Today Mongolia has 4 GMs and 2 WGMs. Now we want to promote the game even more but need the support of the government like it is happening in Indonesia. I am happy and impressed to see the development of chess here going so well with great leadership and excellent organisation and for sure chess In Indonesia can only keep increasing its popularity. I can confidently say this because I have played with Indonesian players before and they have become strong players. Indonesia has done something fantastic to have so many young talents today.

Chessdom: How popular really is chess in Mongolia?

Batchimeg: The sports that are really popular and have full support of the authorities are games like wrestling and boxing. However this year they are supporting a chess team and this is a great thing for chess in my country. Everyone is aware of this so interest in chess is very high. Now we are also looking into sponsorship in a serious way as the conditions are right and good now in Mongolia.

Chessdom: What are your personal targets as a woman chessplayer?

Batchimeg: This year I was able to play twice in the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix and next year I will have the chance to play in two more. I have to date achieved 5 International Master norms but have yet to get my rating above 2400. So my objectives are to play well at the Grand Prix and to get my rating past 2400 and will then try to become a Grandmaster even if that might be too difficult.

Chessdom: What has the Grand Prix given for your confidence and self-belief?

Batchimeg: Participating in the Grand Prix has given me the feeling that I am capable of playing good chess. Now I am 27 years old and know that there are many younger players who are also very good. But with age I am getting experience too!

Chessdom: Is it difficult to be a woman chessplayer?

Batchimeg: For me it is very difficult to be a woman chessplayer and have a good balance in my life. My life is not just chess. My elders often ask when I will be getting married but I am not seriously yet considering that as I feel I have not yet reached my fullest potential. Of course when I lose a game I wonder if I am making the right decision with all these sacrifices. Yet it is true that being a woman chessplayer is also very pleasant too as I have had the opportunity to travel to many places and have made many friends.

Chessdom: Do you have a favourite country?

Batchimeg: Switzerland and Spain for sure. I have many other favourites too and Indonesia is amongst those countries that I am keen to visit and to spend time in and even more so now with IOCC having such good conditions for women chessplayers. For this I must thank Mr Kristianus Liem for giving me this opportunity to come and play and be in Indonesia.

Chessdom: What are you plans after IOCC 2013 comes to an end?

Batchimeg: Once the tournament is over I intend to go around Jakarta, to enjoy some sightseeing and to experience further the culture of Indonesia. I don’t want to miss this opportunity and come here just for IOCC alone. Now it is coming to winter in Mongolia and the temperature can be as cold as -30 degrees celsius so I am very happy to enjoy your warm weather.

Chessdom: You seem to be an active type of person so how do you keep your concentration in a competition that goes on for many days?

Batchimeg: This is the same challenge for all chessplayers, in the course of a tournament everyone will get more tired. So we all have our own routines to keep up our physical and mental strength.

Chessdom: How do you find IOCC 2013?

Batchimeg: So far this year I have not played in an open tournament. So IOCC will be my first and last such event for the year. I am very happy to have the opportunity to play with players with higher ratings than mine as I can try to increase my rating. Actually besides that I don’t have high hopes for a big success in IOCC and only hope I can play well. Being able to take part and play so many strong players and to see Jakarta is more than I could hope for.

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